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You can simply find per construction activity and region the right subcontractor, send requests for quotation and receive bids.

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Don't feel like spending time to find the right subcontractor? Describe your project on Brickbook and receive bids from qualified subcontractors.

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Since all requests for quotation and bids are structured per construction site you can find back easily all communication with subcontractors.

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Work in 1 space with the whole company. This way everyone can see which subcontractors where contacted for which projects and who has made a bid. You're also able to add your own network of subcontractors and use Brickbook to send all your requests for quotation.

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Subcontractor profiles are enhanced with data so you can work even smarter. Know which subcontractors are most likely to place bids, who you've worked with before and who has good ratings.

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All information such as bids, who are your favorite subcontractors and internal ratings stay within your company space. This information is not shared with third parties.

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